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The birth of the angelsweek in Karlskrona

We, (Georgiana & Francisc, 2 people in love with angels), were thinking a lot about giving back the value to All Saints weekend! This used to be a moment when we paid our respect to the loved ones who have left this world. It was a moment for introspection, reflecting on the mysteries of life and foldout of precious memories.

We have been amazed at how commercialization has taken over and transformed an ancient spiritual tradition into something materialistic and frightening! Our idea is to, during the autumn break (week 44), always have a variety of activities related to the angelic world, to balance the Halloween mood with bright, uplifting, angelic activities.

Since 2002, we invited people to a magical experience of the angelic world, every autumn. We organized it for the entire city, so the municipality, the School of Art, the Public Library and many others are already involved in this project, and they arrange various activities specific to their line of work. Tens of yoga studios around the world meditate simultaneously with us, every year; this means thousands of people who meditate at the same time, with the same angels that we meditate here in Karlskrona, Sweden.

We organize a week full of activities related to the angelic world, with meditations, lectures and performance. You can also arrange a variety of activities during Angel Week, activities that reflect your line of work.

We suggest different kinds of activities:
• performances (for children) with fairytales about angels,
• Concert with angelic music (for all ages)
• angelic choirs with children / young people,
• exhibition of paintings and sculptures of angels,
• art workshop (make angels of different materials)
• theatre with children dressed as angels,
• poems about angels
• Story time (angels in the all-time fairytales) at the Public Library,
• devotional music (angels in prayer),
• preach in the church about angels (there are more than 300 different reference to angels in the Bible),
• prayer moments toward angels in the church,
• angelic disco (“Dancing on a Cloud”)
• Caffés baking angel cakes (in various forms of angels)
• lectures on the angelic world,
• films about angels
• meditation with various angelic entities,
• picnic with open discussion about your own experiences of angels (“Have you had contact with the guardian angel? Tell us about it!”)
• angels in other cultures (“Tell me about the angels in your culture”),
• reading corner in the library, with books and articles on angels,
• angelic figurines in the shop windows of all the shops in town.
And much more!

Meanwhile the angelsweek has spread to many cities all over the world. Feel free to also become a messenger of the Angels.


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A very special thank you to Ambika Wauters, who permitted us to use the pictures of her angels oracle.