In our modern times our Divine Helpers have a hard job to communicate with us. Just with a pure heart, child-like curiousity and in inner silence we can directly hear their voices and feel the stroke of their wings. But these qualities are nearly lost for most of us. But together with nowadays restlessness and its effect on us human beings, there also grows the need for harmony, love and peace. The Angels are patiently on our side, just waiting to be called by us. Of course not by phone, but with the most essential human medium of communication: our heart. To strenghten the presence of the Angels in our consciousness and to open us for their support, the Angels´ Week was brought into being.

To spread the call of the Angels and help them to again manifest strong in our world, you can first of all call on them and bring them more and more into your life and like this changing your own inner world. Every change has its origin in ourself and from there it radiates into the world.

You can also support the Angels´ Week by giving out some angel cards, sending some postcards with lovely messages. Or participate actively in the Angels´ Week with a heavenly event. The limits are just set by our mind. If you want to support the Angels and we can help you with this, write us at

We are looking forward to hear from you.